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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mailbag: Wisconsin Wave Invites to Rally TODAY at State Capitol Noon

In the video at right, Wisconsin Wave cofounder Ben Manski explains why tomorrow is such an important day in the struggle for democracy in Wisconsin. Please see the video and spread the word by forwarding this email widely and inviting your friends on Facebook. Rally to REJECT THIS PUPPET LEGISLATURE Tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th, at noon. Wisconsin State Capitol, State Street entrance. Wisconsin voted in November. The Republicans lost by over 270,000 votes. But they fixed the election when they drew their district lines. They have no authority to govern Wisconsin. They answer only to their bosses at WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce). Tomorrow, Thursday, reject their anti-worker, anti-child, anti-environment agenda and reject this state legislature. Reject "right to work," iron mining, and savage spending cuts. Demand their resignations. Demand new and fair elections. On Wisconsin!

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