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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beer Study Nights Coming to Creekside in February

Beer Study on Monday night, February 11 at 7 pm. Beer Study has been created as a follow up to Oktoberfest and Beer School. We are meeting twice a month at Creekside Place to learn more about some specific breweries and the beers they create. The breweries we will study are not only local and regional micro-breweries, but also some larger national and international breweries. We will target 4 – 5 breweries at each study, learn about their history, their unique characteristics, their beer, and of course sample some of the product they create. Beer Study is a less intense approach to beer than Beer School, but a more in depth approach than the Oktoberfest beer tasting event. The studies will start at 7:00 each evening with some preliminary tasting, followed with a 15 – 20 minute ‘study session’ on the featured breweries for the evening. We will conclude each Beer Study with more sampling and informal discussion. Creekside Place has a wonderful selection of beer, so plan to join us for some fun, educational, and relaxing evenings of beer education. Creekside Place has also started a Beer Club. For $35 you get your own personalized 15 oz clear tasting vessel. The ‘mug’ then entitles you to a free featured bottle of great beer at each of the remaining 5 Beer Studies. See you there! Tom Calley The Remaining Beer Study Dates: February 11th August Schell Brewing Co. Boston Beer Co., Inc Lake Louie Brewing Three Floyds Brewing Co. February 21st Blue Moon Brewing Co. Central Waters Brewing Co. Lakefront Brewing Capital Brewery Stevens Point Brewery March 7th Furthermore Beer Hofbrau Beer Oso’s Brewing Co. Summit Brewing Co. March 18th Great Lakes Brewing Co. Potosi Brewing Co. Milwaukee Brewing Co. Sprecher Brewing Co.

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