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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Town of Union Planning---a committment to full citizen involvement

As far back as 2005, the records of the Town of Union Planning committee charged each participant:

"To ensure that residents of the Town of Union have multiple opportunities to contribute to the development of its Comprehensive Plan"

The history of the Planning style of Union reflects the "bottoms up" style that whether it was in the Wind Turbine hearings that were heard literally worldwide, or the original plan, the ability to engage in sharply divided but respectful dialogue and then synthesize the community interest while fending off special interest.

In broad terms, this style contrasts with that of Evansville which has had their document prepared by a contracted planner and presented for approval.

On Monday, May 2nd, at the Evansville High School PAC, Evansville residents will have an opportunity to hear the Evansville Plan as revised and comment on it. This is a critical moment for Evansville citizen participation---the question is:

Will they show up?

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