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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Drive till you can afford the home" formula is over

Kendall Schneider, Town of Union Chair, mentioned in his presentation at a recent meeting that there was a time when young families headed out from the inner city till they could afford the homes of surburbia----I immediately remembered the suburbs of St. Paul and Mpls, where my Dad did exactly that, and all of his children followed this formula. It was the key to providing a dignified family life for millions of Americans.

These were the days following WWII, with the economic boom, the plentiful supply of money, and remember what the prices were for the basic rambler in 1952....Ok it was $12,500 for the ones with the dishwasher and amenities. These same homes in the suburbs in St. Paul sell for $225,000 now. What difference a little time makes.

Then the point Kendall made. ::"Those Days are Over". Any plan of Evansville and Union must consider this fact.

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