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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Evansville Expansion North will require "major" infrastructure expansion

(Ed.note; This text is from the Evansville Comprehensive plan to be reviewed in public hearing. Another word for "Major" is "expensive" for the taxpayer.)

"Northward expansion is generally defined by a prominent ridge north of the City and the
Evansville Golf Course, which is located east of U.S. Highway 14. The highlands northeast of
the city limits are a suitable area for residential expansion. Portions of this area have already
been platted with unsewered subdivisions and/or developed with larger “estate homes.”
However, as new development occurs, new subdivisions in this area should be brought into the
City. Newly developing areas adjacent to Cemetery Road, N. Territorial Road, and County
Highway M in the Northeast Infill Area should be platted as City subdivisions and served by
public utilities.
Map 1 on page 4 depicts the primary areas for City growth and expansion.
The areas most suitable for near-term residential expansion are the West and Northwest
Expansion Areas. The West Expansion Area provides approximately 200 acres that are
potentially suitable for future residential development. The Northwest Expansion Area provides
approximately 320 acres of potentially suitable for future residential development. Portions of
West and Northwest Expansion Areas area can be developed without major infrastructure
improvements; however, full development of these areas will require a new sanitary sewer lift
station and/or directional bore and a new westside water tower and booster pump.
The Northern Gateway Area includes approximately 150 acres of potentially developable land
including frontage along U.S. Highway 14 that is suitable for future commercial development.
The Northeast Infill Area includes approximately 400 acres of potentially developable land.
Development of these areas will require major infrastructure system improvements, including
new sanitary sewer lift stations and/or directional bores and a new eastside water tower.
There are approximately 170 acres in the Southwest infill Area City that could potentially be
developed for residential use, if a sanitary sewer lift station is constructed to serve the residents
in the area who have failing septic systems."

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