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Monday, January 14, 2008

Reflection: "I Do NOT know best"

(Ed.note: This was a reflection on the eve of the Evansville Economic Summit, and this is the last reflection in the new book of Reflections. Click on the post to see the latest.)

One of the emotions of the newly engaged couple is that surely their love is like no other. And as a natural byproduct....any product of that love must be like no other. Indeed...every young parent believes, and I insist must believe, that it has been ordained from all time for them to raise the perfect child, a child like no other, a child that may have to change the world, since indeed....the parent has not had an opportunity to effect that revolution yet.

It is required that a young parent be so enthused. So confident. so entirely religious in devotion to that first born. As the parent of the first born, one is convinced that imparting every wisdom of the ages will give that youngster a headstart---the cutting edge to the life of unlimited success.

Somewhere along the way....maybe after the third child......for some parents this never occurs......

One comes to the conclusion that one does not indeed know best. That this child is a mystery to itself and one's parents..... and a wonderful mystery indeed. And that behold even without the wonderful wisdom of the parent...it is going to be and do just fine. One begins to have confidence that this first born can deal with the NEW just fine. That the OLD is not relevant. Call it an OBAMA moment.

The OBAMA moment will come for Evansville tomorrow as folks convene for the Economic Summit.

Stay tuned.

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