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Friday, October 05, 2012

OpEd; The Magic of the Bald Faced Lie

When asked what he thought of the performance of Clint Eastwood at the Republican Convention, Pres. Obama just said, "I just love Clint Eastwood." After listening to Mitt Romney talk about how he could have delivered an agreement on "clean coal.", President Obama paused and said, " I just love clean coal." After decades of obstructing by the coal companies in facing the increased costs of scrubbers to meet clean air standards, the assertion by Mitt Romney that he could have magically produced clean coal is absurd. Remember the concern about mercury? Many children in Evansville Schools participated in the worldwide "Mercury conference" in Madison, Wisconsin many years ago. It is far easier to imagine a President Romney eliminating or failing to enforce clean air standards so that coal can be used regardless of the health impact on Americans. Thus when faced with the enormity of the statement by Romney, I think Pres. Obama was being too cryptic in his response---next time he should go after line and verse in the battle for clean coal. Ditto on healthcare. Anybody out there think insurance companies can reduce the cost of healthcare? Anybody think car insurance has reduced the cost of cars? Any of you seniors think the cost of healthcare has been reduced by the magic of the supplemental health policy? If you think private insurance can solve the current health crisis, you need counseling. The enormity of the bald faced lies of Mitt Romney -------next debate will be different.

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