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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday night Evansville School Board has some items of interest.

I. Roll Call: Dennis Hatfield Kathi Swanson Eric Busse John Rasmussen Tina Rossmiller Sharon Skinner Nancy Hurley 2 min II. Approve Agenda. 1 min III. Presentation by Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS) on Technology Audit. 15 min IV. Consent (Action Items) – A. Approval of September 24 Minutes. B. Approval of Open Enrollment Exceptions. C. Approval of Donations From: Sports Boosters and Baseball Youth of Evansville. 5 min V. Business (Action Item) – A. Approval of Process and Budget Impact of School Perceptions Survey. B. Approval of PDS Technology Audit and Costing. C. Approval of 2012-2013 Tax Levy Amount and Revised Budgets. D. Approval of Custodian Resignation. E. Approval of Part 1, Sec. 1-3 (All Employees-Preamble and Definitions, Employment Law and General Employment Practices and Expectations). 10 min VI. Budget Finance – Chair, Tina Rossmiller – A. Discussion Items: 1) Environmental Education Coordinator Position Proposal. 2) Third Friday Attendance/Open Enrollment/Home Schooled Student Reports. 3) 2012-2013 Budget Update. 4) Update on Evansville Education Foundation. 5) Insurance Committee Update. 6) Extra/Co-Curricular Committee Update. B. Develop Budget Finance Agenda Items for Novemb

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