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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OpEd;: Back to the 50's: Waiting for Pres. Kennedy

Remember 1950? I have been trying to refresh my memories lately and have been listening to all the old Buddy Holly songs, Elvis, Ricky Nelson etc. But that was after the conversation of 1950 when the troops were coming home from the Korean War---folks were frustrated a little at the slow transition to peacetime employment. I remember the call, and the tears of joy when my dad was coming back from Korea. He was born in 1912, one of many older troops, who at 40 were beginning their peace lives. As a young boy just listening in, I remember the election where Jack Kennedy said he could "get this country moving again". What did that mean? In a nutshell, it had been ten years of adjustment from war to peace. And it would be five years till the 1965 Ford Mustang. So what? Pencil in 10 to 15 years from the time the boys come home from Afganistan as the time when we will adjust to a peace economy. Start when the troops are all home. Adjusting to peace is painful. Are YOU tough enough?

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