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Monday, August 01, 2011

Proposal for Auto Body Shop at Old Auto Transformer Site Discussed: Plan commision schedules Public Hearing in Sept

An applicant appeared before the Evansville Planning Commission on Monday night and asked for some guidance as to whether they would be favorably disposed toward an auto body business at the old Auto Transformer location.

In an informal written presentation, the applicant indicated that they did have extensive experience in this field, and in light of the lack of economic devleopment downtown with many buildings vacant, having a proposal for this business was better than vague dreams of others.

Mason Braunschweig, President of the Common Council, indicated that since the role of the Planning Commission was "quasi-judicial" their mind could not be made up till the public hearing was completed and the public had a chance to weigh in, and that thus, while they could schedule a public hearing it would be improper for the commission to speak ahead of all the evidence being presented, and the public input was part of that evidence.

There was some discussion in that some planning commissions do offer guidance prior.

Click on the post above to listen to this unedited discussion. The city planner did indicate that this proposal could be controversial in light of its location.

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