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Monday, August 29, 2011

Audio: Evansville Planning Commission Review of 119 East Main: Dejavu: Will feature Location, Hazards, Enforcement problems of the past:

Click on the audio below to listen in to the discussion in August of the preliminary discussion of reusing the site of the old Auto Transformer site at 119 East Main St for a auto body and repair operation.

It appears that the applicant is qualified and competent and I expect no questions about the sincerity or ability of the applicant. However, if you review all the other auto operations in Evansville, and for that matter in any city, you will see at least 10 parking spots that customers need, first to tow their vehicle to await repair, and for customers visiting the facility for estimates etc. The lack of parking in the 119 East Main location has been a prior enforcement sore point as cars have spilled over to interfere with neighbors etc. Typically the conditional use permit has been a poor mechanism in the renewal for enforcement of agreed conduct, and it has been a nightmare for local officials in enforcement and avoidance of complaints.

In the matter of hazards---some time ago I visited with an auto body shop out of town, and questioned if they would consider moving to Evansville. I mentioned that I had once worked in a paint spray line for Whirlpoor when I was 21....so years ago....He smiled and replied that there is nothing nostalgic about paint spray operations, and the new safety requirements are not the old days. He said a new auto body shop could cost a million to construct and equip with all the modern equipment.

Thus, if the thought is to "grandfather in" the safety requirements at 119 to the "old days", this would not be acceptable once the neighbors considered what the impact could be.

Thus----I hope the City of Evansville can suggest some site for this applicant that would be affordable and work for them. They have a dream for a business in Evansville, and I think it is best that it not turn into a nightmare by having it at the wrong location. I hope to have video and audio for the meeting....Stay tuned.

Audio: Unedited: Preliminary discussion to rezone 119 East Main St ( Old Auto Transformer site) from B-2 Central Business District to B3 Community Business District.

MP3 File

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