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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dying Heart of America: A true Story

Two weeks ago on the 15th of August I was preparing to go fishing---and looking at the stock market and the charts of the Standard and Poors 500. My wife had taken the day off, and I was showing her the chart of the S&P that had a huge "W" in it, with the wild swings of the prior month.

She said:" That looks like a dying heart. " What is the "W" supposed to mean. I responded that the "W" was a danger sign and that the right shoulder could either go up or if it did not hold, it means a plunge.

She said that the wild swings resembled ventricular tach and that there would be a move to shock the heart if this was a medical case. Then she said---"It's time to sell."

After a couple of weeks away fishing, I have to admit I have witnessed what I call the "Unravelling"----Whether it is politics, family, finances, investments, employment or just business in general, there has been an unravelling of an onion so to speak, and there is nothing but pain. And with the new "Austerity" it has just begun.

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