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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progressive Taxation is not a Radical Idea: OpEd

The notion of shared sacrifice. The notion that nations pay for their wars. The notion of progressive taxation..These concepts are not foreign. They are part of our American Tradition. Yet....

The Republicans appear to endorse a notion that the multi-millionaires and corporations need not pay their fair share of the tax burden because taxation is just for the "little people." The late Leona Hellmsley went to jail because of that concept....

If Social Security payments are not made on August 1st, it would be a good time for Seniors to finally get it...and initiate a General Strike on all business in the United States...after all, the wars were waged partly with money stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund.....is this theft by swindle? It surely seems like the time for Seniors to act...finally.

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