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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

OpEd: What Would Hubert Humphrey Say?

Recently it was announced that Walter Mondale and ex-gov Arne Carlson from Minnesota would be forming a team to help advise Minnesota on how to proceed to bridge the differences in their budget.

I just had to imagine:...... what if we could invite the the ghost of Hubert Humphrey back to explain "progressive taxation" to our current politicians. It seems to be a foreign concept nowdays.

The current thinking in the heart of the midwest seems to be that of the late Leona Hemelsey----remember her? She felt that only the "little people" should pay taxes. Another way of saying that philosophy is that the poor should pay taxes and the rich have a right to get everything for free and that any participation in paying anything is "theft" of their god given property.

Imagine thus if Hubert Humphrey, hero of the DFL, Democratic Farmer Labor Party, held a conference at which he could explain to Bill Clinton what Progressive taxation is about. Humphrey also could explain why union protections for labor is important. Clinton spent his term destroying labor. Maybe Humphrey could also cover what Democracy means, and what he learned about supporting the Vietnam war and what that did for his presidential aspirations...maybe President Obama could listen to Hubert about that.....

We might have to inform Hubert Humphrey that most of what he championed has been forgotten, and that all that he is remembered for is the Hubert Humphrey football stadium, and that it is so noisy inside, most folks cannot wait till it is razed....I think he would be just a little disappointed in what has happened over the years.....

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