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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mailbag: Friends of the Library: Fred Writes: Re; Finance Meeting Today: Thurs July 7, 2011.

The City Council's Finance & Labor Relations Committee is meeting tonight, Thursday July 7, at 6:30 PM. (This is not their usual meeting time.) Early in the agenda is "Citizen Appearances other than agenda items listed." Much later under new business is: "Discussion: 2012 budget". I think this is the first time in 2011 that next year's budget will be addressed.

I intend to be at the meeting to speak as a Friend in favor of increasing the EFPL budget for 2012, during Citizen Appearances. As you know, last fall the library had to raise private money to help meet its 2010 budget. It has had to cut hours of operation to stay within the 2011 budget as passed.

I urge you to attend this meeting if at all possible and add your comments to mine. For your information, attached are documents that were presented to Council last November as the Board of Trustees of EFPL requested an increase in funds for the 2011 budget. The request was voted down, and the Council President said something to the effect: "Why didn't we hear about these problems earlier in the year, before we began work on the 2011 budget?"

This year, we Friends must start early, keep the pressure on, and ensure that all the Council members know of the library's needs compared to how it has been funded in the past. The more that citizens make their voices heard at these committee meetings early in the budget process, the more likely it is that our requests for increased city support will be acknowledged, the reasons understood, and positive action taken by the City Council.

Fred Juergens, President
Friends of the Eager Free Public Library

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I am sorry to say I see issues with the library. I have a hard time supporting this library for the manner is which is it run. I use out of town libraries just for pure ease and friendliness of staff in these other libraries. I firmly believe if helpfulness and friendliness were priorities at EFPL it would see more use and have more community support. Continue on as it is and it will not, and will continue to see usage and money to go down.