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Friday, October 22, 2010

Reflection: Election: Fear Rules the Street Posing: Consider this on Election Day

Consider the situation. Local communities have had the federal government cover their sewage plant, which they could not afford to finance. Cost 6 million. Local communities have had the federal government cover their school aid shortfalls, to avoid teacher layoffs.....local citizens have had their mortgages readjusted to avoid foreclosure...they have had their credit card terms adjusted to avoid predatory behavior by their banks....citizens have been given aid to trade in their clunkers...and aid to save energy with more efficient appliances.....

And after all that...considering everything....citizens have responded by saying that

They want no further debt....they want Atlas shrugged maybe....wearing clothes made in America maybe...just the belt and shoes I presume....

Citizens should consider on election day that they indeed WERE saved from an economic collapse that would have been worse than the Great Crash----their pensions, life insurance and all their bank holdings could have been vaporized.....

You were saved. Consider that on election day.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    No we were not saved. We were put father in debt. So now I have to pay double. I pay my taxes which pays for the teachers and every thing else. Now my federal taxes are to pay for teachers also. Federal dollars come from us working people who pay taxes it's not magic, that washington has money. Its not free money like people think. Now most of it is borrowed from china. Washington does not make money They take it from us.

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    We were most certainly saved. I do not care for all the spending either but to sit back and do nothing we would have been screwed even worse than some think we are now.

    Most of us do not remember or were not around for the great depression but that is exactly what we would have had, had the government not stepped. I challenge people to remember just who it was that started this down word spiral, George W.Bush and his buddies.

    Who encouraged deals that sent jobs over seas, who gave huge tax loop holes to company's , company's that then sent jobs over seas.

    Republicans for years and years have not wanted to put any type of regulation on banks.

    The housing market started its decline as early as 2004/2005 by the expert reports.

    The republicans were warned of many times over and just kept going along like nothing was wrong.

    Look what it got them. Look what it got all of us.

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Its the governments fault we are where we are at. there the ones who let this happen. making it easy for any one to get a home loan. Telling the banks they would make the loans good. Now the same people say they can fix it. We need to vote these people out.