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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Changes in Evansville Budget: TIF Increment not meeting Expectations---

Click on the post for the changes noted on the City of Evansville web site for the budget since the department head presentations on September 20, 2010.

The changes in the expectations for the TIF districts are noted, and you can see that the revenue expectations are down...and the taxpayer will pick up the tab.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Does this just not make you sick? People expressed concerns all along from the start. Now as predicted the tax payers are going to get screwed.

  2. IF you took the time to look the City is coming in at a 0% increase in property taxes this year. Where are the thank you's? Too bad the School District could not do the same.

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    0% increase this year? What about next? What about when the full failure of this TiF hit? There will be a tax increase if not this year , next and the following.

    Right now after reading the explanation in the paper its clear its all a game of smoke and mirrors.

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Jeff you lost your right to complain about the school raising taxes when you failed, to show up at the annual meeting, when you would have the opportunity to speak your mind on if they should raise the taxes or not. You were not there. You clearly did not care if they did or not or you would have been there. You could have voted if they should raise taxes or not. But no you were not there.

    But the same could be said for the majority of the town.

    IF people are not going to bother to be active in their community, school or city and that means talking with your alders, or going to meetings you lose your right to complain.

    I have never found you at one single city meeting either.


  5. As a single Father and a homeowner who has struggled during this economy, I have to work. Hard to make it when the meetings start as early as they do. This is something that needs to change. We are a "bedroom community" and most of the homeowners work in Madison or Janesville. I inform myself and vote in every election. I will make my voice heard next during the next School Board Elections.

    In regards to the City Council meetings,I watch the agenda and contact my Alder if I have a concern. My district is well represented and the Mayor and Dan are doing one hell of a job keeping the budget in line without losing services. Two years running we have had a ZERO percent increase from the city. In a time where people have lost jobs and raises are hard to come by.

    These TIF districts were in place well prior to some of the current officials and the current economic times.

    In the future don't tell me my rights. I reserve my right to "complain" and will do so in the future.

  6. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Jeff I will agree with that the time of the meetings should be changed. I have said that and you have 'complained' for years about the timing of these meetings.

    Most people really have to scramble to make these meetings.

    However as I have been to more school board meetings than city meetings as of late, I know the problem becomes if they start much later they do not get out of there sometimes much before 10, some of the meetings are really long and they have a lot to cover.

    The School Board has even gone to having two meetings a month on top of some their other committee meetings.

    I think a great idea would be to have them on t.v. like other community's are doing. That way people could even tivo or record them if they like.

    As far as talking with your alderman. I know of many people who speak with their alderperson, my self included.

    I will close with when things are important to us we find a way to make things happen.

    The only person who showed up at the annual meeting besides the School Board was Melissa . I missed that one, am I happy taxes are going up no. But I am the one who missed the meeting where I could have expressed my concerns. Just like you did not go either.

    The difference between the school tax rates and the city's . The school is not spending money foolsihly like on pinwheels that are not going to do squat for us , on red brick roads, lakes , historic districts, tif districts that are not holding up their end of the deal, new police depts, when there was nothing wrong with where they were.

    The school is not adding any new projects , the city is sitting on empty and still spending. The school is not they are just barely covering their basics and not spending like fools.

    I think we all know Jeff you will continue to complain, I would be worried if you did not.