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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alert: Mailbag: Eager Free Library; Fred Juergens Writes re: Urgent Needs: How you can make a difference

Dear Friends,

As you may have recently learned, our Eager Free Public Library is facing a difficult economic situation. In order to keep its agreement with the Arrowhead Library System, Eager Free is obliged to buy a specified dollar amount of books and other media annually to share with the other ALS libraries through the RockCat inter-library loan system. Because of unavoidable rising costs for wages & benefits, insurance, utilities, building maintenance, etc., EFPL has fallen behind in these acquisitions. The Library Board of Trustees has begun a "Buy a Book" fund drive to raise $10,000 by December 31, 2010 to catch up.

The Executive Committee of the Friends of EFPL has decided to donate (from money we have raised through our Ice Cream Socials, Book Sales, membership fees, etc.) to the "Buy a Book" Fund in two ways:

a. The Friends will make an initial donation of $1500 to the "Buy a Book" fund. This presentation will be made at the Friends' Annual Meeting tomorrow night at 6 PM at the library. This coincides with our celebration of Friends of the Library Week in Evansville. We urge you to come to the celebration to show your support of your library.

b. We are also putting forward a challenge to individual Friends and to the Evansville community. The Friends of EFPL will match individual donations to the "Buy a Book" Fund, up to another $1500. Please consider giving a personal donation to "Buy A Book", and the Friends will match it. It would be great if you could bring a check to tomorrow evening's celebration at the library. No amount is too small. If your Friends membership is now on an annual basis and you donate at least $100, you will automatically become a lifetime member of the Friends; no more membership fees for you.

Imagine your life without your local library, and give generously to make sure that EFPL can continue to serve you. Even if you can't come to tomorrow evening's celebration and Annual Meeting, you can make your donation to "Buy a Book" by getting a check to the library as soon as possible.

Thank you for responding to this urgent plea.
Fred Juergens, President
Friends of the Eager Free Public Library

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