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Saturday, August 28, 2010

OpEd; Full, Open, Properly Noticed Discussion of "Fund 80" is Best for All

It might seem moxie for some to think of having an annual meeting for the Evansville School District, and then having a parent planted in the audience to amend the agenda at meeting time to include approval of a Fund 80 to support youth in Evansville through the Youth Center. Thus, some think, a full debate could be avoided and the motion pass by the prearranged voters in place. This would be unwise.

Do the voters of this area want to support youth after school recreation activities or not? If so, how will they be paid?

If these activities will be supported, the organization that supports them should be the one in charge of the program and the buildings involved.

Nothing but a full discussion can resolve the will of the public, and to circumvent openess would harm the relationship of the parties that is already harmed.

Stay tuned.


  1. There were not one but three properly noticed discussions of establishing Fund 80 to support the Youth Center. The first was July 25 (including the mayor), the second was August 9 and the third was August 23. All were school board meetings. I was present at 2 of these discussions. I wonder if you're referring to a properly noticed meeting through the city? I don't know if that has occurred.

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    What is fund 80? This is the first I have heard of this. Sound likes more money comeing out of my pocket for your kid.

  3. Fund 80 is exactly that. It is a Fund that can be established by a school district which can exceed revenue caps. It must be established by a vote of the citizens at the annual school board meeting where the tax rate is set. The mayor had the chutzpah to bring the Evansville Youth Center Board to the July 26th School Board Meeting and ask asked the school board to establish a Fund 80 at the annual meeting to support the Youth Center because the city could no longer afford to support it. Have Mercy! The school board discussed it in depth at that meeting, again at the August 9 school board meeting and a third time at the August 23rd school board meeting. The motion failed 2-5 to place "Establishment of Fund 80 to support the Evansville Youth Center" on the agenda of the Annual Meeting to be held September 27th. If it is to be placed on the agenda at this point, it will be by motion and second of community members at the meeting. Even if the community votes to establish Fund 80 for this purpose, the school board is not bound to vote for this when the final tax rate is set in October, after the state revenue is known.

  4. The last time Fund 80 was brought up for discussion was many years ago, and was voted down and the citizens of Union and Porter played a role in voicing their concern about breaking the revenue caps. The electors vote at the Annual meeting, and it is not just a vote of locals and appointed officials, but of all citizens of those town and townships that the school serves. To add the item at the last minute does not let them know that a vote will be taken...and that their presence is needed. For some, the annual meeting is just a meeting of teachers and employees of the school, but it is broader than that.

    Every citizen of Evansville voted in the election to restore Lake Leota---and those citizens cannot complain about the taxes coming from this and other improvements---likewise....

    Since the vote for Fund 80 involves taxes to come it is fitting that the citizens be told of the vote so they can vote. This is simple stuff.