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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mailbag; Film Update; Ryan McNeal

(Ed.note: Click on the post to see the wesite of the film.)

Hey everyone,

Due to popular demand, I thought I would send out an update on my film's progress.

If you haven't heard, I have been working on short film titled Minuet. It is a traditional narrative short about a grandfather haunted by the tragic death of his daughter. Through the child she left behind (Elise), Cairpre has a second chance at happiness. It was written, executive produced, and directed by me over the last year. Through the journey of this project, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth.

The principal photography took place near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We shot it in four days time with a crew of thirty experienced peers also from Columbia College Chicago. The cast was played by Frank Heinrich (Cairpre), Izabel Machada (Elise), and Leann Van Mol (Claire).

We are currently in post-production, taking the image through the editing, coloring, and scoring stages. I am working directly with composer Jennifer Thomas (www.jenniferthomas.com) to create an original score for the film. She has been great to work with and may be collaborating with the very talented vocalist, Poppi London (www.poppilondon.com), who has worked on the score of such films as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Ocean's Twelve, Hero, Pearl Harbor, and The Man with the Iron Mask.

I have very high hopes for festivals in the fall. (the film should be 100% completed by the end of August) We are getting a lot of very good comments from our professors and peers.

I also decided to send my newest desktop design for my film to everyone. I think it is my best one so far. Please enjoy.

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