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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mailbag: ECP: Downtown Spring CleanUP Day is Thursday: May 27th: 8:30AM--10AM

The Downtown Spring Clean-Up is set for this Thursday May 27th from 8:30-10 and we need your help. We have about 40-45 third grade volunteers (and 3 teachers) but we need to have many adults on hand so we can break up into smaller groups, have some supervision, and get things done.

We mostly pick up LOTS of trash, pull weeds, sweep, etc. and usually cover the following areas:

Main St. from 1st to Maple (both sides of the street)
Madison St. from Montgomery Ct. to Church St. (both sides of the street)

We will meet at Shannon Law Office at 8:30; students will be leaving to return to school around 10:00.
Please let me know ASAP if you see any areas that need special attention and reply to this email if you can work with us.

The BEST way a business can help is to ask 1 (or 2) staff members to volunteer with us that day--it makes a HUGE difference and we need to have as many hands on the street as possible.

Memorial Day is already next week and we want to have the Downtown looking as nice as we can make it look for the upcoming events. 90 minutes of clean-up now can make a lasting impact all Summer. Please take the time to work alongside these wonderful kids as they continue this great Evansville tradition.

Thank you,

Jim Brooks

Community Coordinator

Evansville Community Partnership, Inc.

608-882-0598 www.evansville-wi.net

Building Our Future. Together.

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