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Monday, May 17, 2010

Energy: Stocks; Reflection: What is your COST BASIS?"

Every family that is going through the "Graduation" process this spring, has to reflect on the "Cost Basis" of that achievement-----this is always noted in the graduation speeches...and maybe the grads know what is being talked about, but surely the parents do...all the sacrifice...all the loans to be paid back...and all the hopes to be realized ...maybe...

The very same thing is present in energy----Do you know what the COST BASIS of a stock your have held ...well....forever...is? It is not enough to say to the IRS that you do not remember....trust me....you do need to know. DITTO for ENERGY ----

What is the cost basis for the first therm of nuclear energy? ANSWER---we do not know yet.

Click on the post for the article on wind energy.

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