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Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Cleaning at the Eager Library

Hello Friends of the Library,

Recently, the current Friends' Executive Committee became aware of a past Spring-time tradition at Eager Free Public Library. The tradition almost disappeared in the mists of time, but now we are reinstating it. So, here we go... SPRING CLEANING BLITZ AT EFPL!

Our first Spring Cleaning Blitz in "quite a few" years will occur on Saturday April 24, 2010, from 1 PM until 4 PM or earlier. We'll do the "extras" that the library's regular cleaning crew just doesn't have time to do. In order to complete the tasks Kathi Kemp has planned, we need at least 15 volunteers who can wield dust-cloths, push vacuum cleaners & brooms, spray Windex, etc. Many hands make light work!

Please check with all members of your family and volunteer to dust tops of bookshelves, sweep out the furnace room, clean the basement windows inside and out, etc, etc, etc. (Kathi has a bunch of et cetera's!) Be assured that there will be no heavy work or lifting.

Once you've committed to help make your library spic & span, please email us at libraryfriends@charter.net to let us know that you're coming and how many other helpers you can bring along. We want to hear from you. Thanks to all of you in advance, for being a Friend of the Library!

Fred Juergens, President
Friends of the Eager Free Public Library

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