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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gazette; Blogs: Gina Duwe says Eric Busse said that robocalling was unknown to him

(Ed.note; The following is from the Gazette blog regarding the election:}

Hey folks, Gina here. Eric Busse contacted me to shed light on some speculating going on here.
On the “robo calling” … “I don't have a clue what it is and I sure was not calling people to vote for me. If it was done, I didn't know anything about it,” Busse said.
He also cleared up his role in area sports.
“The only coaches paid in baseball are the Head Varsity and JV coaches. Anyone else is a volunteer assistant of which I have done for 8 years and I put in a lot of time to help get our baseball program to where it is now,” he said.
He said he does get paid by Evansville and other area schools for refereeing football games.
“In addition, I do get paid for being part of the event staff at basketball games as do others in the community (staff and community members),” he said.

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