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Monday, March 22, 2010

OpEd: The Joint Checking Account in an age of Depression

The finances of taxpayers in the current age is like a newlywed couple that has not talked about finances and has rushed to the altar. The budgeting discussion only occurs when the overdrafts occur---

The recent analysis of Brodhead taxes shows that the city has been the major party in incurring debt for "needed" expenses. When the tide turns from expansion and the job losses mount, there is only blame....

All across Wisconsin, because of the current structure of funding of public schools, there is the prospect of nothing but pain--we have evolved from "extra" curriculars to "co" curriculars, and the notion that these are "extra" has been lost. For many, it would be better to cut academics than the "extras".

For those that have attended many budget meetings, and I am one, we have come way past the days of cutting extras===the coming cuts will cut to the essence of small town public schools all across Wisconsin. The school funding formula should have been changed long ago, and a special session of the legislature to face this would be important---there is no reason that a "consumption tax" on certain items could not be added to fund schools. Shucks, just tax texting or stock transactions---that would have a wonderful effect--to subject school boards and local communities to the implosion and divisiveness that the current formula has created is just a terrible situation that needs to be addressed.


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    This may sound naive, but perhaps we have gotten to the point in both city and school government, that we need to create a two-column list: On one side, list all the expenses, and the other side, all the income. Cross off all of the items on the expense side that we don't need or want. With what's left, there are two choices--increase taxes, or cross off MORE on the expense side. Nobody likes taxes--but our legislative bodies are too politically oriented to actually support what MAY be a necessary tax increase. Perhaps we are there.

  2. Just what we need. More taxes.