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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mailbag: Rep Brett Davis Writes:

80th Assembly District Update - March 12, 2010

Davis Offers School Finance Legislation

MADISON...Representative Brett Davis (R-Oregon) announced today he is introducing K-12
finance reform legislation within the next week. The announcement comes as Governor Jim
Doyle and the Democrats in the State Legislature stated they are ending efforts to put forth
legislation on school finance.

“While Governor Doyle and the Democrats appear to have given up on providing solutions to
reform our education system in Wisconsin , I am moving forward and proposing innovative and
common-sense policies,” Davis said. “Our schools and property taxpayers can no longer afford
the status quo.”

The legislation is part of a package is focused on the theme of reforming education and protecting taxpayers. Specifically, the education reform package includes the following

- Restore Qualified Economic Offer (QEO) and align with revenue limits
- Restore arbitration factors
- Reduce property taxes by restoring 2/3rds funding
- Reduce health care costs
- Implement school efficiency incentives

“The legislation will give school boards the tools they need to budget responsibly and control
costs,” Davis explained. “If enacted, these reforms will not only reduce the property tax burden,
but will also create a more stable fiscal operating environment for school districts.”

Davis is circulating the legislation for co-sponsors this week and will introduce the bill next week. Although the Legislature is expected to adjourn in late April, Davis emphasized there was still time to get his ideas signed into law.

“I’m hoping the ideas we are putting forth this week will spark discussion on education reform,”
said Davis . “We still have time this legislative session to enact meaningful school finance

The changes Democrats made in the state budget that repealed the QEO and modified
arbitration law, to not factor in local economic conditions, will result in higher property taxes or
cuts to education services if reforms are not made this legislative session.

For more details on the legislative package, visit www.brettdavis.us


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I normally support a lot of what Brett proposes--but not this. The QEO is wrong. As is the arbitration 'factors'. And, who knows what 'reduce health care costs' means. Funny, Republicans always rant about letting the 'free market' control things; apparently, that doesn't count when it actually favors the worker. Right concern, Brett; wrong approach.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Maybe he will start collecting fee's from these crooked payday lenders he supports, and give the fee's to the schools?