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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"When Mopping up the floor, for best results, shut the faucet off first" ----Frank Hardesty, 1975

Years ago, one of the directors of Payco American Corporation, Frank Hardesty, who gave seminars nationwide on management skills, had a favorite saying: "When mopping up the floor, for best results, shut the faucet off first."

He had many examples of this trait of human nature, where we attempt to solve the trappings of a problem, and leave the source untouched, or ....even worse....keep repeating the original error.

Tonight at the Evansville Common Council, the council will move into private session to deliberate on the purchase through eminent domain proceeding of land to be turned into a retention pond that will hopefully help mitigate the flooding on 6th street. It has been a long process since the flooding occurred a couple of years ago. A long painful process.

At the very same meeting, will be a presentation of Creekside Place, the new name of the Senior/Community Center, that has plans to place the new facility right on Allen Creek, and after engineers and other citizens have warned about the flood plain and why prudent construction does not occur in flood plains.

One step forward. One step back. You make the call.

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