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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Nostalgia: 2007: The Coach House Fire

Photo compliments of Jeff Vrstal. Double click for largest version.


  1. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Nice picture. But you know I really wish they would tell everyone there findings from this investigation. There are so many rumors out there. They must have a good idea accident or arson or they would have let them knock it down. But it would be nice to have them put it in print, like in the gazette or your blog and put the rumors to bed .

  2. I really don't know anything about the science of it, but I would imagine they have collected all of the physical evidence they need for the investigation, but they probably need to analyze this evidence before coming to a final conclusion. It probably could be days, maybe weeks, depending on the workload and priorities of the investigators. They probably have some ideas and suspicions, but it wouldn't be wise to release a statement too soon, because it would possibly fuel rumors if the final conclusion is different than their initial suspicions.

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I can say with relative certainty that this fire was an ACCIDENT! I just read where the ATF is now getting involved with the state fire marshal to investigate the “suspicious cause!”

    Another case of the government trying to screw-over the little guy (the business owner) in hopes of yet again ruining someone else’s life! I wonder how much influence the owner’s insurance company has over the details of this so-called investigation. Of course, they’re suspicious. Suspicion / investigation would mean the insurance company doesn’t have to pay the claim, at least right away!