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Friday, June 07, 2013

Raising Park Fees on the Agenda:

City of Evansville, Wisconsin Park & Recreation Board Regular Monthly Meeting Evansville, City Hall Monday, June 10th,- 6:00pm AGENDA 1. Call to Order & Roll Call 2. Motion to approve Agenda as printed 3. Motion to waive the reading of the May 13th, 2013 minutes & approve them as printed 4. Citizen appearances, relating to Park & Recreation, not listed agenda items a. Informational presentation on “Bike the Barns” event for September 15th, 2013. 5. Peace Garden Approval-WI Historical Board 6. Evansville Jays – Barn quilt & Jays sign 7. Discussion & motion to increase Park Rental Fees. Resident from $28 to &45 Non-Resident from $55 to &75 Business from $100 to $130 8. Park Plan : Nothing to report 9. West Side Park, bathroom project Update 10. Pool Progress Report 11. Chair's report from other Committees/Common Council Antes Cabin & Landscaping 12. Reports/Updates on projects or Maintenance 13. Old Business 14. New Business 15. Motion to adjourn Next Meeting July 8th , 2013

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