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Monday, June 17, 2013

OpEd: Why the Seminary Park Peace Garden matters for Evansville

I urge you to view the video by Denise Eager on the Evansville Seminary Park Peace Garden---it matters for all Evansville citizens...Here is why. There is NO additional taxpayer expense...as we know, park expenses in Evansville are larger than the comparable city because historically parks have been big for Evansville...but with flat growth, additional expenses would be harmful to taxpayers....this park project is with private funds and will NOT fall on the taxpayer...bravo... Secondly, we have had plenty of parks, plenty of celebrations, and plenty of parades about war...and action....and in the words of John of Formocology, this Peace Garden is about "Less Action, More Reflection"....How timely is that? The garden is located in a perfect location so children in our schools can access it, and groups can volunteer to work in it. and more importantly, citizens can enjoy it.... This project is about all citizens....the person who had the vision for it, Denise Janssen Eager, will be leaving Evansville in a couple of weeks....but the funds for this project will come from those that will enjoy it...all of us...The funds required for Phase I are very modest, $50,000. Stand Up Evansville...We need More Reflection and less action in so many areas...This is a worthy project and I urge your support.

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