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Monday, April 29, 2013

April Minutes; Evansville Police and EMS

8. Evansville Police Report – Calls for service for the month is unknown at the time of the meeting as the new system has not been programmed. Training for the new system will continue through June. The tentative target date for the system to be up and running properly is June 1, 2013. Total license plate transactions were 56, with 741 transactions for the year. All staff completed Rapid Response/Active Shooter training and Standard Field Sobriety Testing in March. All staff has or will be attending Spillman training in April and May. In April, Lieutenant Koehler will attend Children Homicide Resistance training, Officer Mahan-Strupp will attend Rifle Instructor Course training, Officer Nankee will attend SFST Instructor training and Chief McElroy will attend “Lockdown” training. In May, Officers Reese and Job will attend Background Investigation training and EVOC Instructor training, and Officer Mahan-Strupp will attend DAAT Instructor training. Officers Job, Nankee and Mahan-Strupp will be updating the Field Training Officer manual. Officer Job has scheduled a meeting with the Monroe Police Department training officer to assist in this process. The Sergeant promotional opportunity was posted March 1, the written exam was March 22, and an Open Panel interview is set for Friday, April 1. Advertisement was placed for a full and part-time police officer eligibility list with a closing date of April 22, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. Three coop student candidates were interviewed on April 2, 2013. As of March 1, we have completed all accreditation required policy review of Chapters 1-14. All proofing and proofs have been forwarded to Tim Kriz of CSI. We are working on Chapter 15 and some additional policies and/or directives. We are working on WILEAG standard Version 4 and are likely to see additional requirements/costs. The on-site evaluation is set for November 2013. We received our Laptop Model 31 and the purchase will be reimbursed by a $4,000 grant and a $650 donation from the Evansville Police Officers Association. The Emergency Services Trailer was inventoried on March 23, 2013. There have been a few minor issues with the video cameras and modifications have been made. County Siren testing was scheduled for today at 12:05 p.m. 9. Evansville Medical Service Report There were 43 calls for service in the month of March, 2013. Recruitment as always is an ongoing process. As of today, we have two trainees. One is a licensed EMT and the other is in EMT class. They are both riding with the service at this time. The end of April is the Week of the Young Child. We will participate in the parade along with the Friday night event at the school. The service donated 50 File of Life forms to seniors for those who have medical needs. We will be working with BASE to put the “Evansville Night Out” project together for August. The Bike Rodeo will be during this event also. 10. Motion by Jacobson, second by Fuchs, to adjourn the meeting at 7:24 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Barbara Jacobson, Chairperson

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