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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

OpEd; The New "Political Tourism" Bonanza for Wisconsin: "Come to Wisconsin, Bring it On!!"

Today in RockNetRoots blog, there is a post regarding the plan of Tea Party folks to come to Wisconsin and participate heavily in the Recall Election of Gov. Scott Walker: Here is the post: http://rocknetroots.blogspot.com/2012/03/video-invaders-told-to-get-out-of.html There seems to be a notion that folks coming here is somehow a threat----I think we need to stand back here---Recently when I was in Florida for a short, short getaway, I went to a Friday night fish fry at a local restaurant---It Was "Wisconsin Night"----There were so many folks from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada that they had to separate them out....Badgers, Gophers and those "darn Canadians". When I walked into the restaurant it was like old home week---everybody was dressed in red...festive laughter all over the place, and did I say it was warm---yup it was 70 degrees. Folks from Florida loved it bein in the recession and all, they were just wonderful in the services provided..I loved it. We need to learn from this---We have an opportunity to have the entire nation come to Wisconsin in the near future---and just as Evansville, Wisconsin was put on the map during the Iraq war debates, we have an opportunity to do it bigger this time. It was very difficult to get all those folks into the basement of the Eager Free library for the war debates, but now...we have a bigger venue in Creekside. We could have a wonderul forum welcoming the Tea Party folks, and then afterwards take them out to learn line dancing at a local spot. Just think of the revenue this could generate. So---Here is the tagline: "Come to Wisconsin---Bring it On"

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