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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Duluth Trading announces Expansion Plans----

Duluth Trading of Belleville, Wisconsin announced yesterday that they have purchased the old Ace Hardware on Hwy 69 in Belleville, Wi., and will use it as a Customer Care Center, and in addition will use part of it for an Outlet Store.

President Steve Schlecht said that in a world of mostly bad news, this news is good for Duluth Trading employees and all of Belleville, for it will alleviate crowing conditions at it's main headquarters, and will create traffic for other commercial business on Hwy 69.

The current Call center is overcrowded and is facing a Christmas season of potentially blockbuster proportions as the ad campaign of Duluth Trading goes nationwide.

There is also speculation that Duluth Trading is currently looking for a location in Minneapolis. Some speculate that it might be on the way to the new Viking Stadium---so that Viking fans can stop on the way to games to pick up their Duluth gear. Stay tuned.

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