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Friday, July 13, 2012

Listen to bloomberg today---here is my take

Thank You for Your Feedback! Feedback Status: TicketID: W00496150630649368880 Status: Waiting Summary: news coverage today, July 13, 2012 poor LOG: 7/13/12 20:14:40 Your Feedback: The JPM spin was poor--it is not positive that they thought it was two bil and it was six. It is not behind us---that is a disservice. Investors care that there is no integrity in the reporting, and not one reporter stepped up to ask difficult questions. Also---on LIBOR--- Geithner wrote memos and yes Paterno wrote memos--and both failed to address a serious situation--and every home mortgage applicant has an action at law for the fraud on the rate---On Wells Fargo--on that interview---weak panzy ass questions---they have had settlements in St. Paul and all over for fraud in lending and you give them the pass on the questions---if you need a reporter call me...www.evansvilleobserver.blogspot.com I am not bought and paid for like u guys.

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