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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Streetscoop: Evansville School District

In the school packet for the recent Evansville School Board meeting, in the Bank Reconciliation, it notes that in November 2011 the balance in Fund 27 for Special Education was NEGATIVE 806,374.96 and in January 2912 it was NEGATIVE 1,367,977. I assume that this is because the State of Wisconsin does not promptly pay the District for Special Ed Expenses, and the district has to obtain short term financing to cover this... The policy of forcing local school districts to loan money to the State at the same time that State is giving gifts to corporations speaks for itself. What is not clear to me, is what the net will be and what the actual difference between the reimbursement of the State of Wisconsin and the costs incurred. This goes to highlight the point that Mr. Michael Pierick made last year at the School District meeting that highlighted Open Enrollment. Especially when Open Enrollment is lengthened to May as a closing date, it opens the possibility that there could be a surprise that would have to be covered by ADDITIONAL concessions or cuts. I see that as something to be avoided at all costs, but the board decision to leave Open Enrollment wide open, it remains a possibility.

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