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Monday, December 26, 2011

OpEd: After Scott Walker---What next for Wisconsin?

In a dialogue recently with a fellow resident, I mentioned that Minnesota had taken a big loss of jobs with the closing of the Ford plant in St. Paul---the home of the Ford 150.  Scott Walker was not the governor of Minnesota.

He agreed, but quickly added:  "This is a matter of priorities. The priorities will change."

Yes.  The new after Scott Walker will be about sacrifice and cuts----and the principle of ability to Pay will be the core----progressive taxation was the heart of the progressive movement in Wisconsin. The first quarter of 2012 may be stunning....the cuts will continue----and the pain will continue, because it took decades for the structural imbalance of Wisconsin finances to take their toll---those who think a mere change in the governors mansion will produce a miracle are mistaken....a total reversal of governance in all branches of government is required.

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