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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alligator Airboat Cruise Comes to Normal, Mn.; Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Recently I spent a week in Vero Beach, Fl where my sister has a retirement home. One of the relatives there just bubbled about a spectacular airboat cruise, a little pricey it was, that lasted about an hour for about $50 per person, and the wonder of it was that as you floated above the waves, the skipper could slow the craft down so he could point out the alligators looking up with those two eyes at you.....

Thankfully, the only day possible to schedule this event for myself was all booked so I promised that I would go next year....but the more I am listening to the local pundits, I think this might be a viable prospect for the locals....after all, the notion all across America seems to be to save all the good land for farming, and build residential homes in the swamps....and thus what could be a better way of touring new residential areas for development than the airboat tour??

Recently the governor of Wisconsin, in his very first offical act, made a special pitch to have some swampland in Green Bay made legally acceptable for a car dealership.....and in lockstep, a professor in Whitewater said that the major impediment to the dynamic growth of Wisconsin business was the overly restrictive laws against being a swampdog developer.....this notion was partucularly galling since up here in Normal, Mn. we are dang proud of our reputation as distinctive swampdog developers....we have never found a swamp that we could not find a creative use for, and the only drawback was occasionally not finding some ignorant buyer for the property even when dressed up in its finest clothing.

Let the record be set straight---that Normal, Mn will challenge all comers to be the Swampdog king---and we are placing our orders for the new airboat cruise boats as we speak....this could be the tourist bonanza that we have been praying for....our prayers have been answered.....Make way the path of the airboat.

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