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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video: 3: 4K: Any difference at 3rd grade?

Video: Mrs. Hurley askes the question whether the skills acquired all even out at 3rd grade whether student had 4k or not. No answer to question, except that the stress of the child that is behind affects their experience at school and feelings about it.

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1 comment:

  1. As you can see by the HUGE turnout, (all teachers and stay-at-home parents, the first looking for job security, the second looking to get the kids out of the house sooner). Painfully obvious the desired effects of having it at 3:15 pm.
    She couldn’t answer the “even out by 3rd grade” question because there is no conclusive evidence showing one or the other. One thing that was consistent among all the studies is that the majority (up to 90%) of the students enrolled in 4K were poor. Not going to lie, getting tired of paying for ANY dead beat parent. Make the parents qualify by saying they need to be disabled, or attending college, or on unemployment, ect… Or pay into the school district for them to attend. Not a large sum, because the teacher is going to be there anyhow, just enough to cover snacks, and materials. Just making suggestion how we are going to pay for this, since we are already the 68th (out of 426) highest taxed school district in the state.