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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What to be Thankful for Reviewed:

Many years ago I was attending a Dale Carnegie sales meeting conducted by Don Sheehan, a world famous sales trainer. It was 1982, the worst time to be in business, well...except for right now or the great depression. He spoke one Saturday morning on the notion of thanksgiving.

"Well, shukes he said, many guys don't get what to be thankful for....I urge you and your spouses to kneel down each night and be thankful....be thankful for the problems that you face in your life....yes...you heard me right...the problems.....

Remember that right down near here at 15th and Lyndale, there is a place where there are no problems...."

One of the guys in the group snickered a bit and said that that sounded pretty attractive...a place with no problems....

A guy next to him spoke up: " It's the cemetary".....

Don Sheehan went on: "Yes...it IS the cemetary...where there are NO problems.....and the fact that you are alive and in business today...means that you face problems....so you must be grateful for them...cause the Lord could give you a different set of problems that are a lot worse...or no problems....

So there it was....what to be thankful for...and I never forgot the lesson.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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