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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Windwatch; Wisconsin Wind: The Movie

Click on the post for a movie covering wind development in Wisconsin over the past several years.


  1. Anonymous1:31 AM

    This Dept of Energy Wind Research and Development Unlimited Ceiling Grant AWARDEE of 2007 KNOWS WIND AND SOLAR ARE OUR BEST ANSWERS.

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Wind yes; foolish siting, no. Look at this company's own figures for this windmill (its stated measurements for average wind speed, AND the specs for this model) and you will quickly realize the $100K NOT covered by the grant is for local politicians' bragging rights about how green Evansville is. Not to mention their lack of interest in asking their Town counterparts about what they learned after studying the issue for over a year.

  3. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Our city leaders will not stop until they have emptied the check book with foolish projects like this.